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The information on this page was assembled and developed by 8 students from the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. These students are Allison Kolody, Charlie Moxham, Coleen Auld, Joshua Lall, Karen Wilkie, Lynn Coates, Xiufeng Peng and me. The Highland Park Community Toolkit is an exploratory project with a goal to create new sustainable development ideas, options, and plans for the community of Highland Park in the City of Calgary. The tools contained within this document represent only conceptual ideas and were designed to fulfill the course requirements for EVDS 702, the senior interdisciplinary studio design class in the Faculty of Environmental Design Masters program at the University of Calgary. If any information contained in these documents is used it must be attributed to the above forementioned students.

During my Master of Planning studies at the University I completed a paper investigating the role copyright protection can have on democratizing land development. I came to the conclusion that unique land use ideas can be protected under the copyright. This leads to opportunities for Community Associations and Urban Planners to suggest unique land use ideas and if someone else likes those ideas, pay a fee to the use of the idea. 

Over the past few years as a designer specializing in infill projects I was not satisfied with the current process followed by the City of Ottawa for these types of projects. As part of my investigation of sites for clients it was necessary to speak with neighbours and community groups. What I wanted was a place I could go and see what neighbours thought about a property. That requires people to put their "favorate" aspects about their community into a map. This could be that map.

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