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Your building can be designed for aging in place. It can have features like an elevator, handicap accessibility and shared space for the owners to accommodate relatives and care givers.


The building can have a maintenance contract to ensure the common gardens are maintained, the snow is cleared and the building's mechanical systems continue to operate. Going on holidays need no longer create any worries.


City Villages can offer options for the first time home buyer and those looking to downsize from a single family home.


Young individuals or couples can collaborate to plan a single family home with a secondary unit.


It is possible for an inner suburban  owner to redevelop their property in collaboration with a young couple wanting to move downtown.


Those wanting to downsize can work together to build a duplex, triplex or small apartment building.


You can choose to add a separate unit to your existing house for your use or as a rental.


You can participate with one, two or more people in the construction or renovation of a duplex, triplex or other multifamily unit building.


The building would be in the neighbourhood  you prefer. You could rent or own. Take our survey to see if you qualify and if we have an opportunity for you.

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