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Together or Alone


You can own or rent. The primary ownership model is an equity cooperative. This lets you manage the building with other owners under the laws of Ontario.


It also helps you choose who can buy a unit in the building. As owners you have the opportunity to buy and rent a unit if the potential purchaser does not fit in with the other owners' preferences.


You can choose to stay in the community in which you currently live to remain close to family and/or friends. Your new home could be a duplex or triplex suited to your needs. You can even modify your current dwelling with a modular addition.


You could choose to move to an inner city neigbourhood and live in a larger triplex or small apartment building


City Villages operates in many of  Ottawa's neighbourhoods.


By taking our survey and registering you will be introduced to other people looking for similar housing solutions.  For example if you want to live in a duplex, we will find you someone who also wants a duplex. If you want a triplex, you would be matched with 2 other people or couples.


You could own the building and others would rent, or you could rent and they would own, or you could all be owners. We can do this in single family homes with secondary units as well as in a multifamily building with up to 16 units depending on the location and building site.

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