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evolving concept

The model for elderly housing has initially focused on people over 60 years old. As well, we were looking at small scale infill, primarily in single family and small multiple family housing units such as duplexes, triplexes and small apartments of up to 16 to 20 units. As part of investigating the alternatives in these R1 to R4 / R5 zones I researched all of the requirements for small dwellings under the Ontario Building Code and City of Ottawa Zoning Bylaw. Much to my surprise, I found a way of offering affordable inner-city housing for younger generations as well as the elderly. Hence the focus now on affordable ownership for young and old, and the tag line "first and last". It doesn't mean you'll move into to your first home and that will also be your last home. It means that we can provide affordable home ownership for first time home buyers and last time home buyers. In some ways we can support the development of a new form of extended family at the village level.

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