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Superstore proposed rezoning

I went to the open house for the proposed rezoning for the property south of the Loblaws Superstore in Westboro because they were suggesting that their preferred use was for an apartment block and seniors residence. The current zoning on the site is R2 that limits the uses to duplexes and semidetached dwellings as the highest use. That was part of a deal that allowed the Superstore to be developed. Now that there will soon (3 to 5 yrs) be an LRT station somewhat close and the redevelopment of properties along Richmond having a higher density (6 storeys and higher), it is appropriate that the site be redeveloped at a higher density than currently planned. The proposal is for 2 similarly monolithic apartment like blocks with the major entrance off Kirkwood. There is little vision as to how this development could animate and enhance the neighbourhood. I have developed an alternative that would allow for the same kinds of uses as the current proposal. It also has a broader vision of the final development of the area by creating two new pedestrian boulevards and a vehiclar access to the site from a turning circle on Richmond instead of Kirkwood. Have a look and tell me what you think.

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