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Small Apartment Buildings

The Missing Middle

City Villages has now completed small rental residential building designs the fit into all residential neighbourhoods. They are particularly suited to our inner city suburbs that were developed in the 1950's, 60's and 70's. Its in these neighbourhoods that baby boomers are living and where millennials want to live. It's also where there are the greatest opportunities for small builders, investors and developers to build affordable housing. City Villages has concept designs for everything

from 2 unit buildings that fit into an R1 zone, to triplexes, fourplexs and more that fit into Part 9 of the Ontario Building code. The designs have real lofts and in many cases feature the functionality of a 2 bedroom while still classified as a 1 bedroom under OBC. In some cases as a developer you can build a 16 unit building and sever it into 4 - 4 unit row apartment buildings, selling each one separately.

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